Trustworthy House aNd Commercial (THNC) Property Services have the experience to deliver quality projects to specification and within budget by using our pre-approved group of specialised subcontractors and consultants associated with the organisation. Our highly skilled Managers manage each project from initiation to closure, ensuring our clients are confident in each step of the project. Our Project Managers stay on site throughout the build. Not just turn up every now and then. We believe we are the only organisation who offers this. Why do we do this? Every project runs in to questions along the way, by being on site these questions are addressed immediately, without delaying the build. Also, by being onsite you get full supervision that all trades are adhering to the Building Guidelines. Therefore we get increased safety awareness, and increased efficiency.

So why use THNC?

When you use THNC, you will get your project developed by some of the best designers in Australia. They come with huge experience and portfolio to match. They can take your idea then design and mould it to the perfect image you have in mind.

Due to demand of our services are now offered throughout Australia, and are therefore familiar with the relevant State regulations.

THNC Property Services provide tailored solutions to enhance clients requirements. We work with our clients to deliver expenditure, time and rework savings.

Understand our client’s business objectives initially is imperative, this allows us to ensure our service delivery, and to enhance these outcomes including cost efficiencies.

At THNC we manage all works with innovative, forward thinking and committed approach to ensure the client’s environmental, social and economic requirements are met.