THNC (Trustworthy House N Commercial Property Services) offers a wide range of services for business owners in Sydney thanks to a highly experienced and creative team. We make your office shine and we guarantee that every single service offered will be truly professional. Our project managers are going to do all the planning work for you while making sure that your input is considered, working hand in hand with the entire team in order to increase office efficiency and happiness. All this is available at highly competitive prices, giving you access to office renovation of the quality you need at prices that you can actually afford. THNC guarantees that even if we handle the entire project for you from planning to implementation of the office partition plan you will pay less than you would if the project would be managed by an internal team.

Why Office Fitouts In Sydney With THNC?

When you work with us, the project is developed by people that have the highest possible experience in Australia. The portfolio of every single person on the team is no short of impressive. We can discuss with you, brainstorm, get your ideas and turn them right into an ideal image for the office fitout. We offer exactly what you had in mind when you need office relocation, office refurbishment or new office design Sydney services. Our projects are Australia based so you can be sure that all State regulations will be respected for every single job that we work on. The 100% tailored office design Sydney solutions we offer will enhance the requirements of the clients as we work with our clients in order to save time, money and deliver the quality that is necessary inside Sydney.

How Are Office Fitouts Handled?

One of the really important things that separate us from our competition is the fact that we understand that there are no two office fitout projects that are identical. There are always differences that appear and based on the wishes of the client, we work hard to guarantee 100% unique and relevant office renovation. We always take as much time as is needed in order to understand your constraints and priorities. After that, we find different creative ways in order to work right within the boundaries that are set during our discussions. The on-site construction will let the project managers to maintain a really high consistency and quality right from program conception till project completion. This means that when you hire us, office interior design becomes an art. The result is always something that both the client and us are proud of. Ongoing support and maintenance is then possible if you need it.

Our Office Fitout Approach

Although no two projects are the same, we have a vision of bringing vision to life. Our aim is to create an office design that will meet budgets and briefs. Check out our past office designs in Sydney. Because of this, we often manage to exceed expectations. We are specialized in all aspects of office renovation and refurbishment. If the budget calls for savings, we know what to do. Our office fitouts process usually involves a few steps in order to learn more about the project and be sure that we offer what our clients require. You can always expect that we focus on the following:

  1. Understanding the Office Fitout Project In order to offer what you need, we first discuss all aspects of the project so that we can truly understand your office interior design wishes. There is a clear connection between this conversation and our design experience. We gain in-depth knowledge about the client’s vision, budget and scope so that we can tailor a service that would perfectly fit the given brief. Our project consultants are going to learn about all the specific considerations that are associated with the job. Then, they will offer direction and guidance so that the best possible decision can be made. Obviously, project management and reporting with THNC is ongoing.
  2. Taking Creative Thinking To A New Level Most people say they are creative but they are not. We will prove that we are creative when it comes to office renovation since we focus on problem solving. Design beauty is directly connected to the effectiveness offered by the solution implemented. The design team will not decorate just to make something beautiful and it will never replicate trends or fashions simply because of popularity. We always work hard to find brand new ideas that would work perfectly within exact boundaries set by our client. All office partitions and refurbishment will be able to produce results because they are both functional and unique. Office design is no longer about creating an environment where a lot of work can be done or where a lot of equipment can be added. Everything is taken to a whole new level when you work with our team at THNC. Our guarantee is that every single idea that we offer will be truly creative.
  3. Practical Office Application A large part of design is the way in which office fitouts work. We do not work like the independent contractors as all the teams involved in the project will work immediately and directly on your project. The creative solutions that we come up with will be brought to life through a completely collaborative process. This is the only way in which we can guarantee that we offer perfect office fitouts Sydney.
  4. Delivering Quality We only consider a project complete when our client is satisfied and when we create something that we would love to see right inside our Sydney office. The full service that we deliver is based right under a single roof. Because of this, we have strict quality standards that can be respected. The caliber of the work offered is always going to be high as our team at THNC handles every project as if it was for us. Office interior design creates much more than just a workplace. It offers a living space. We will never stop until the installation is finished and we are sure that our solutions can be complete with the aid of ongoing support and maintenance. This is true for the small business office partitions and the really large commercial fitouts Sydney that we create.
How We Design Your New Office

Even when most of the work done is made out of office refurbishment, our goal is not just to make your office look better, our goal is to design a brand new office that will bring in the associated advantages. We take care of office fitouts, furniture and even décor to achieve such a goal. In the event that you are now committed to getting a brand new Sydney office fitout for the business that you represent, we recommend that you consider some facts. The way in which your office will look, feel and what it will facilitate will have a huge impact on staff productivity and company brand image. When we design new offices, we always consider some important factors:

  • Mobility
    We now live in the mobile era. Most of the businesses are going to allow the employees to work from home and this is something that many do not want. In order to do work that is ready for the future, we think about mobility and we think about making it easy to introduce brand new collaborative technologies in the future. To put it as simple as possible, our office fitouts need to be ready for the future. As an example, the use of cloud technology is currently on the rise. This means that companies move the old IT hardware out of the office and more space is available for renovations. As new space is available, the implementation of expanded reception areas or brand new meeting rooms is possible.
  • Greenery
    Modern office fitouts Sydney projects include greenery in the planning phase. When you add plants to the office environment, the staff will be less stress. Productivity was proven to be increased and reaction time is faster. We always look at different ways to add greenery and we talk about the possibilities available with our clients.
  • Colour
    Every single person has a colour that they love. That colour is rarely one that is perfect for an office environment. At the same time, a working space should never feature too many colours. THNC focuses on the importance of using colour in modern office fitouts and based on a discussion with the client, the best chromatic choices are made. The initial conversation offers important details about the business. Those details are used to make those good choices. As an example, using red in abundance will reduce analytical thinking and green will be highly effective at sparking worker creativity.
  • Desired Business Environment
    This is one of the most important things that we analyze for office fitouts. Office interior design needs to reflect the work environment type that is perfect for the business. It has been proven that office culture can be changed when implementing new technology, adding new plants and changing colour schemes. We do not leave any element to chance. Our experts will discuss all project elements with you in order to create that perfect business environment that you surely want to have.
  • Office Interior Design Optimism
    Our team at THNC understands the fact that it is a daunting task to design an office in order to achieve a specific outlook, philosophy or emotion. In some situations, when there are not many modifications that can be done, this would be impossible. However, even if the budget is low and all resources are limited, we focus on creating an office environment that would make the staff happy. That is important for every single business out there.
    When you hire us for your office fitouts Sydney, you are guaranteed to gain a design that would enhance office optimism. It does not matter if you need office relocation, office refurbishment, complete office design or commercial fitouts. There are always different ways in which you can make your staff happier while at work.
    Our team will identify different modifications that can be done. Based on budget specifics, a decision is made about what will be implemented and what will not. You can be sure that we deliver options that you never considered and that you had no idea about.
The Services We Offered

As mentioned, our team of professionals can give you a much needed helping hand with a wide variety of projects. We help small companies and large companies to enhance productivity and create office spaces that are better than they ever were, at prices that are highly affordable. Our team can easily help you with:
• Office painting jobs
• Design, supply and installation of work stations
• Full office refurbishments
• Carpet and floor laying
• Concept and design

If you need help with large scale projects, we can take everything one step further. We are happy to say that we offer complete construction management services. This includes but is not limited to:
• Office relocation
• Full office interior design projects – this includes project initiation, management and closeouts
• Creative design and implementing office innovations
• Office Partitions
• Office Fitouts
• Construction solutions
• Practical Office design

If you just need help with managing a project, we can help with:
• Feasibility studies
• Project brief
• Contract management
• State and Local Government submissions for Development Applications and Construction Certificates

Get In Touch With THNC

We are always ready to help you make the best choice and your enquiries are highly important to us. Feel free to Contact Us whenever you have a question. All of your enquiries will be handled by a professional. Let’s arrange for a face-to-face meeting.